Fire Emblem Awakening Review

Fire Emblem Awakening

Fire Emblem Awakening is a really great game and it is a must have. If you ever played the old Fire Emblem games Fire Emblem Awakening’s graphics are way better. In this review I will talk about the pros and cons about Fire Emblem Awakening.


The overall experience when playing this game was enjoyable. You start off with picking your difficulty level and it gives you lots of choices. You are allowed to pick either normal, hard, lunatic, and after you unlock it lunatic plus. Then you can pick between two modes, classic style, and casual style. Classic mode is when one of your teammates dies you lose that person forever. In casual mode when one of your teammates dies that person will not actually die but just flee. So if you’re a hardcore gamer you can choose classic but if you’re new to the game and don’t like losing your teammates you can choose casual. 

When customizing you, you get many options to choice from. Every time you complete a main level you will probably get a new person to join your team which was great. When you paired two people together they would boost each other’s stats and form a relationship.

Then those two people (if they are opposite gender) can get married. But they can only get married if their relationship is high enough. This option of getting married was great because it definitely helped you during battle.

You are also allowed to change your class. If you don’t like the class you are in you can change it with the Second Seal (when that person is level ten). If you like the class you are in you can upgrade it using the Master Seal (when that person is at level ten). I didn’t like the Tactician class you start off with so I changed myself to a Wyvern Lord, now I’m much stronger (in my opinion).

This one I really like, you will get a spot pass for the game every once in a while (if you have internet connection) if you check your bonus box there is people that you can summon to your map They are special and can’t get them by doing quests. Some come from Japan and others from the older Fire Emblem games. I got some really cool people including King Marth, and Ike.

You also get to battle the undead!

Yes I know it’s crazy but they are undead and called the Risen. They appear on your map at random times or in some quests. You can also summon them using the Reeking Box that you can buy later on.

Another thing that I really like about this game is that there is  little movie clips throughout the game. Also the music to this game is great and beautiful. There is lots of other great things to this game but I’ll let you figure them out if you get this game.



There are yet some cons to this great game. Let me start off with the multiplayer. The multiplayer is good but you can’t battle your friends in person. The only way you can battle them is by street pass but then the computer is using your friends team. There is also no online multiplayer. It would be pretty cool to battle other people around the world.

Another thing that saddens me is that you can’t replay quests. You can only replay the last level which is sort of good. I liked some levels and wanted to play them again to train my weak teammates but it doesn’t let you. Well that is all the cons good thing there is not a lot of them.


Overall this game was fantastic. It is a really good strategy RPG game that you can take anywhere with you. This game had me on the edge of my seat wondering what was going to happen next. This game is definitely worth buying if you haven’t already. I give this game a nine out of ten.

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