Virizion/Genesect EX Deck

Virizion/Genesect EX Deck


For my first article of TCG decks I decided for it to be a cool one with grass. A This deck could work but Victini EX destroys it. So in this article I will tell you all I know about this deck.



Virizion EX- Grass Basic HP 170

Ability- Spring Breeze

Pokemon with grass energy attached to them cannot be affected by special conditions. (Remove all special conditions from you Pokemon with grass energy attached to them.)

[Grass] [Colorless] Emerald Slash: 50 damage. You can attach 2 grass energy from your deck to one of your benched Pokemon. If you do, shuffle your deck afterwards.

When Pokemon EX has been knocked out, your opponent takes 2 prize cards.

Weakness: Fire x2

Resistance: Water -20

Retreat Cost: 1 energy


Genesect EX- Grass Basic HP 170

Ability-  Red Signal

When you attach a Plasma Energy to this Pokemon from your hand, you may switch your opponent’s Active Pokemon with 1 of his or her benched Pokemon.

[Grass] [Grass] [Colorless] Megalo-Cannon: 100 damage. Does 20 damage to one of your opponent’s benched Pokemon. (Don’t apply weakness and resistance when damaging the bench.)

When Pokemon EX has been knocked out, your opponent takes 2 prize cards.

Weakness: Fire x2

Resistance: None

Retreat Cost: 1 energy


G-Booster- Ace-Spec

Item (Team Plasma)

Pokemon Tool: Each Pokemon can have only 1 Pokemon Tool attached to it at any time.

If this card is attached to Genesect EX, it gains the following attack:

[Grass] [Grass] [Colorless] G-Booster: 200 damage. Discard 2 energy cards attached to this Pokemon. This attack is not affected by effects on the Defending Pokemon.

Ace Spec: You can’t have more than 1 Ace Spec card in your deck

You can use any number of item cards during your turn.

Caitlin- Trainer


Return any number of cards from your hand to the bottom of your deck in any order you like. Then, draw an equal number of cards.

You may play as many item cards as you like during you turn (before you attack)


The deck:

The main idea of the is to get Virizion EX out to get a bunch of energy on the field so that you can kill everything with Genesect EX. Here is my deck list of this deck. Note I do not know what will be rotated like Pokemon Catcher.



4 Virizion EX

4 Genesect EX

2 Bouffalant (Dragons Exalted)



4 Professor Juniper

3 N

3 Caitlin

2 Skyla

4 Pokemon Catcher

3 Switch

4 Hypnotoxic Laser

2 Virbank City Gym

3 Colress Machine

3 Plasma Badge

3 Ultra Ball

1 G-Booster (Ace-Spec)



10 Grass Energy

4 Plasma Energy


Free Space-1


Okay so we start off with 4 of each EX we are using. Why? Because the idea of the deck is to start off with a Virizion EX out in the active and have Genesect EX’s on the bench. So the best (and hardest) way to do this is to attach a Plasma Badge to Virizion EX,

Colress Machine to the new plasma Virizion, and attach a grass energy for turn. Now Virizion EX can attack. So when you take a look at Virizion EX’s ability you see anything on your side of the field with grass energies on it cannot be effected by special conditions. Goodbye Hypnotoxic Laser! Now before you attack if you can put out a Virbank stadium card and use the laser. Now they take 30 damage for poison after your turn and have a chance of falling asleep. So on to the attack faze, the attack does 50 damage and puts 2 grass energy from your deck to your bench. So now your Genesect EX falling asleep on the bench can get 2 energy on it first turn! So next turn it can attack for however many damage it is doing. So the opponent takes 50 damage for the attack plus the 30 for poison. That is 80 damage first turn Killing any weak basic like Sableye or Tynamo.

Okay after that first turn its time for Genesect EX to come out.

Genesects ability is a Pokemon Catcher just more complicated. You have to attach a Plasma Energy from your hand (not your deck) to him to catcher up one of your opponents benched Pokemon. So if Pokemon Catcher doesn’t rotate I advise not to use it unless you need it to win or to stall. Genesect’s first (and only) attack does 100 damage and 20 damage to one of the benched Pokemon. Sort of like Darkrai EX. But it doesn’t end there. They made a very handy Ace Spec tool card you can attach to Genesect EX to give it an additional attack. It does 200 damage giving you an automatic prize card or two but you have to discard 2 energy after you use it. A lot of damage comes at a price. But this gives you a chance to send Virizion up again and attach another 2 grass to Genesect. The only thing that would stop this the following turn would be Tool Scrapper.

This deck has one major weakness and that is its weakness to fire.

More than half the deck is weak to fire so that means cards like Victini EX can come in a kill your Pokemon in one shot. The only way to deal with this is to use Bouffalant. Bouffalant does 120 damage to an EX for 3 energy. That is just enough damage to get rid of that Victini. Victini may be doing 200 damage to Genesect and Virizion EX but it only does 30 to Bouffalant thanks to his ability.

This deck has its goods and bads but overall it will be fun to play. We will learn more about it as the set comes closer but for now we have a basic idea of what the deck will be like.

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  1. Latias/sigi/Victini gg

  2. Bad deck… Shadow triad is a must to get your Booster back. Caitlin has no real use.

  3. @Victini3000
    That’s why you don’t only play this kind of thing. This deck did great in Japan playing both Drifblim cards. The new one can do 70 for zero energy and discards a Special Energy, then the DRX one does 50x the Special Energy in your opponent’s discard for one Colorless. It works GREAT.

  4. Love this deck, so looking forward to building and playing it. Love that they are finally making grass a formiddable type, as I have always loved it.

  5. agassychipmunk

    What about quad Heatmor… are you telling me it is… viable?

  6. Latias/Sigi/Victini GG? Umm.. G-booster maybe? It goes through all effects, so..

  7. I think you want to include Shadow Triad so you can get G-Booster back if it’s been Scrappered off.

  8. Would be interesting put one keldeo ex on the deck , then u can be able to have victini’s and landurus weakness , even 2 keldeos if ur too afraid xD . Ok , its an ex card and victini can f*uk it a bit , but it has just 110HP and can be knocked out with just a laser without vibrank and one keldeo attack . As many people said , shadow triad is nice and what about putting evolites , then u can attach something to virizion , that will be a pokemon that more time it stays alive is better , and attach to bouffalant , having less 40 damage ! It would be an awesome deck to play , cant wait my 3 plasma blast boxes !!!

  9. You won’t need 4 Catchers, because you can use Genesect Ex’s Ability.
    From the stuff said above, I would get rid of Caitlin and Catchers and add some Eviolites and Shadow Triad.
    3 ands in a sentence. WOW

  10. Also, add Tool Scrappers in case of Garbotoxin ruining both Genesect’s Ability and Virizion’s Ability!

  11. Isn’t this card really good? I don’t play pokemon TCG much and I don’t understand the meta game entirely, but Virzions passive essentially counters hypnotoxic laser, not only that, he is resistant to water, which helps again blastoise deck? I dunno, can someone who has experience please reply, I personally am really excited to see the potential of this card.

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